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Program Update: Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Pick Your Embroidery Stitch and Save!

Save time and money on your embroidered shirt orders by using the new stock school logos we have added to your embroidery image library in your team's colors.

  • Several custom stitch outs already available. More will be available soon.
  • Logos are available in primary team colors and secondary team colors!
  • No set-up fees - a $15 to $50 savings per image!
  • No waiting - Your order is placed immediately in our embroidery production queue.
  • Similar stitch options for hats - coming soon.
  • Periodically check your embroidery image library during the next several weeks for more complimentary stitch logos.

Embroidery Process Instructions

If you would like to embroider your team shirts or hats with your team logo, please follow these simple steps to avoid our early season rush:

  1. Log onto our website at www.golfteamproducts.com and at the home page select the
    Manage Your Images section.
  2. Under the Embroidery Logos section select the • Digitize Logos For Your Team link and send us your team logo.
  3. Once your logo is digitized (2-3 days), we will send you an email asking you to approve your logo by returning to the home page of our website and selecting the • Logos Requiring Your Approval link.
  4. After you approve your logo, we will place 3 different sized images (1 hat file and 2 shirt files) in your Embroidery Library that you can place on any product on future orders.

If you would like to avoid waiting for your team logo to be digitized and immediately place an order with custom text only, simply

  1. Select the Embroider This Item link on the detailed product page of your choice and follow the steps.
  2. Once your order is processed, we will place the embroidery file of your custom text in your Embroidery Library in case you would like to place it on future orders.

Logo Your Team Ball

All are available to our members at special reduced member prices and can be customized at www.golfteamproducts.com

Order today and allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Place Web Orders with an Approved School Purchase Order

You've spoken and we've acted.

Minimize the time it takes to place an order with a purchase order from your school by completing your order online.

Simply select the "Pay with a School Purchase Order" option at check out and we will hold the items in your shopping cart up to 72 hours until we receive via fax your signed and approved school purchase order.

Your order will be released for fulfillment once we receive a copy of your school's signed and approved purchase order via fax (888-687-9799).

If we do not receive your school's signed and approved purchase order within 72 hours after you submit your order, your order will be cancelled and the items on your order will be returned to available inventory.

Combine this new payment feature with our Team Shopper search feature and one business day rapid order fulfillment and significantly reduce the time it take to outfit your team this spring with performance TaylorMade - adidas Golf products at special reduced member prices.

Don't Miss an Important Program Announcement or An Upcoming Offer

Since we rely heavily on email to communicate program information with our member base, it is important to make sure your computer is properly set-up to receive our messages.

To prevent your school or home email browser from filtering out our messages, please perform the following depending on the email service you use:

  • If you use Microsoft Outlook:
    1. Go to the menu bar and select Action
    2. In the Action menu, select Junk e-mail
    3. In the Junk e-mail submenu, select "Add Sender to Safe Senders List" and add CustomerService@golfteamproducts.com to your personal and school email address book,
    4. In the Junk e-mail sub menu, select "Add Senders Domain" (@example.com) to the Safe Senders List and enter @golfteamproducts.com where prompted.
  • If you use Yahoo:
    1. Select the <Contacts> tab at the upper left portion of the page
    2. Select <Add Contacts> at the top left of the page
    3. In the email field provided, enter: CustomerService@golfteamproducts.com
  • If you use AOL:
    1. Select the <Settings> on the top right of the page
    2. Select on <Spam Controls> from the left navigation bar.
    3. Under "Spam Filters by Address", select "Custom"
    4. Select "Allow mail from"
    5. Enter CustomerService@golfteamproducts.com in the box provided.
  • If you use GMail:
    1. Select the <Contacts> tab at the upper left portion of the page
    2. Select <Create Contact> at the top of the page
    3. Under "Primary Email:", type CustomerService@golfteamproducts.com
  • If you use Hotmail:
    1. Select the <Options> drop-down box on the right side of the page
    2. Choose "More Options" on the bottom of the drop-down options.
    3. Under "Junk e-mail", choose "Safe and blocked senders"
    4. Select "Safe senders"
    5. Enter "golfteamproducts"

If your school's network administrators have filters in place to eliminate spam from reaching your school email address, please inform them that we are a member based business and as such do not send spam. All our email messages contain instructions to allow our members to opt out of receiving future emails from us.

You can also make sure you receive our announcements through out the year by registering an alternative email address on your personal computer or laptop. Here's how:

  1. Log on to our website at www.golfteamproducts.com and go to your Member Profile page. (It is the first page you view after successfully logging onto our site.)

  2. Locate the Alternative Email Address section on the form. (It is located in the first section of the form under the heading Your Personal Information.)

  3. Insert an email address that you check periodically on your home computer or laptop in the space provided and make sure you check the box that gives us your permission to use this address.

  4. Go to your email browser and make sure it is set to receive emails from our email address (CustomerService@golfteamproducts.com) or our domain (golfteamproducts.com).

  5. Call us at 888.254.8624 if you need assistance.

Thank you for interest in our program. We look forward to working with you.

Select Team Apparel By Size Run and Color!

Reduce the time it takes to order team apparel by using our new Team Shopper search feature.

Follow these simple steps and save time searching for your team's apparel:

  1. Log on to our website at www.golfteamproducts.com and go to the Home page. This is the
    first page you view after selecting at the "Submit Any Changes and Continue" link at the bottom of the Member Profile page.
  2. Select the Team Shopper link on the left hand navigation bar. It is the 2nd to the last item located below the "Search by Color" link.
  3. Once you have reached the Team Shopper page,
    1. Select one or more men's or women's product categories you want to search;
    2. Select one or more team colors you want to search.
    3. Enter your team's "Required Quantities" by size in the size table.
    4. Select the "Search for Team Apparel" link located at the bottom of the page.
  4. If your search returns more than one product style, you will see a thumbnail page of all products that meet the criteria you entered on the search page. To order, just select one or more products that meet your team's size and color preferences from the thumbnail page.
  5. If your search returns only one product style, you will immediately go to its detailed product page for purchase.

Helpful Hints:

  • Make sure you select at least one apparel category, one school color and enter the quantities of each size you need before selecting the "Search for Team Apparel" link.
  • Perform separate searches for men's products and women's products.
  • We do not carry women's products in size XX-Large. Make sure the size table has a "0" below the "XX-Large" heading, or your search will not return any products for purchase.
  • As the season progresses, we frequently run out of popular styles, sizes and colors. If you are having difficultly returning results that meet your team's size and color requirements, you may want to:
    1. adjust your team's size run (shift some required quantities from size small to size medium) or
    2. broaden your search by selecting "any color" under the School Color section.
  • Our customer service representatives are available toll-free at 1.888.254.8624 Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4pm Pacific Time to answer your questions or to assist you with your orders.

Remember, quantities are limited to stock on hand and are often very difficult to replenish once the season has begun. Use this new time saving search feature to reduce the time it takes to place your team buy.

Refer a Colleague and Earn a Reward!

To show our appreciation for your endorsement, we will include in your next WEB order 1 complimentary 3-pack of the TaylorMade RocketBallz golf ball (while quantities last) for each new member you refer.

To earn your reward, the person(s) you refer must meet the qualifications for membership (be an active head golf coach or an athletic director at a high school or college), submit an application and be accepted into our program. No product will be awarded for referring a current member.

To participate, follow these steps in the order listed below:

  1. Log on to our website at www.golfteamproducts.com and go to your Member Profile page. This is the first page you view after you successfully log on to our site.
  2. Write down your referral number (not your member number). It is the second item listed on your account page below your name.
  3. Contact a prospective member and encourage them to go to our website and complete an online application form. Make sure each applicant enters your referral number as the referring party. No gift will be awarded if your number is not properly included on the submitted application form of a new member.
  4. To receive your gift(s), you must place a WEB order that contains at least one program item. If you earn more than one complimentary gift prior to placing your next WEB order, you will receive all earned gifts in your next WEB order. Your complimentary gift(s) will appear in your shopping cart during checkout.

This is a limited time offer. We reserve the right to change the complimentary gift based on product availability or to end this promotion without notice. All earned rewards up to the date the promotion ends will be honored.

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Members are eligible to order throughout the year!!

Don't forget that as a member of our program, you are eligible to purchase performance TaylorMade - adidas Golf products throughout the year at special reduced member prices.

Proudly wear your team colors this spring and summer at work, around town or at the golf course!

At Once vs. Special Orders

As an added member benefit, we have begun to offer several styles of high end footwear and Ashworth products on a Special Order basis. These orders will usually be delivered 3-4 weeks after your order is placed.

When you place an order with Special Order items, we will automatically hold shipment on ALL items on your order so that you will receive them together. If you would like us to split up your shipments, you will need to call us M-F, 5am to 4pm (Pacific) at 888-254-8624. There will also be an additional shipping charge.

If you have an immediate need for product, do not place orders for product quantities listed in blue, only for product quantities listed in green.

Interested in becoming a member?

If you are a head golf coach or athletic director at a high school or college and are not a member, apply on line today by selecting the Application Form link at the bottom of this page or in the lower right hand corner of our log in page.

Membership benefits include:

  • Purchase performance TaylorMade - adidas Golf products for you and your team throughout the year at special reduced team prices.
  • A full line-up of performance TaylorMade-adidas Golf footwear, apparel, and accessories.
  • Apparel, hats and outerwear in school colors.
  • Rapid order fulfillment. We will ship your order within 1 business day of receipt.
  • No minimum order quantities.
  • Ground (5 - 7 business days) and 2-3 day shipping options.
  • View inventory quantities and order on our password-protected website.
  • Toll-free customer service available @ 1-888-254-8624 M-F from 7 am to 4 pm (Pacific time) to answer your questions or assist you with orders or applications.
  • 3 ways to order
    • Phone 1-888-254-8624
    • Fax 1-888-687-9799
    • Online at www.golfteamproducts.com
  • Pay by credit card or with approved school purchase orders.

Currently, we are processing all new member applications within 1-2 business days of receipt!

Golf Team Products, Inc.,  Authorized Team Sales Distributor of TaylorMade - adidas Golf

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